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I've had an idea recently, regarding a drawing :iconsamwisetheawesome: did.
Did anyone out there read those "Choose your own Adventure books as a kid?
My idea is similar, and focuses on the Sea goddess Merari Merari by SamwiseTheAwesome from our Bex series and your choices about how you speak to her determine your story.

It could end in disaster or the best night of your life....

Your choice...

I'm not entirely sure how this will all work, thinking a few lines at a time in the comments so we write the story together.

If you're interested please contact me.

You’re a simple merchant sailor under the command of a good captain. You’re good at your job, dedicated to your captain and crew and those who know you best describe you as a man dedicated to everything you do. Your captain has given all of you a couple days of shore leave since you’re ahead of schedule on your current voyage.

You’re walking along the beach on the second afternoon, whiling away the hours before you sail again with the dawn tide.   The weather and the water are both warm, so you pull off your shoes and wade out into the ocean.  Something catches your eye, a flash of green draws you to a rock only a few feet away.  

You see a beautiful woman stretched out across it with a smile on her face as the sunlight touches her. You can’t help but look but your eyes stop and your heart starts to beat faster when you see her bottom half resembles a large fish.

  Blue green skin, green hair and no clothing but a pair of shells tied around her chest. You instantly know who she is but what she says surprises you:

“I have been so lonely, my husband is ignoring me again… can you keep me company?” the sea goddess Merari asks you….

What do you answer?

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lordhadrian Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017
Lordhadrian's story

I bowed humbly, terrified to look at her

"Surely, my lady, you would not seek the company of a plain man such as myself....." I did not feel worthy to gaze upon her loveliness....
BrowncoatMando Featured By Owner Edited Mar 2, 2017  Hobbyist
Lordhadrian's story

"You are not a plain man, you are dedicated to all you do and that is all too rare." She told me.

She adjusted, stretching to give me a better view of the human half of her body.
"I have watched you and deemed you worthy of my company. Is that not enough? You have honored me in spirit- will you honor me now in body?"

lordhadrian Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017
He looked at her and smiled.  He sat next to her.  "I am amazed that a woman such as you could be lonely.  You have the entire Ocean at your command, for the fish themselves would envy the man you choose for company.  What could send such a lady into loneliness?  What kind of husband is he that would ignore  a Queen like yourself?"  He felt silly being poetic, but he was also in awe of her startling beauty
BrowncoatMando Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Hobbyist
She gave him a deep sigh and a gentle rain began to fall around them.
"Not a man...a god.  You do not know of Eleazar god of magic? the priests did a terrible job instructing you as a boy... He cares more for his work than he does for me. It has been ages since he has shown me any love or affection, ages before that when last I felt his touch. 
I chose you for company... you who dedicate yourself to all you do. can you dedicate yourself to loving me- just for a single evening?"
lordhadrian Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
He felt desire in him build like a raging fire, but there was also reverence.  She was a Goddess after all.

"A single evening?  Is it possible to love for a lifetime in one night?" he leaned closer to her.  He could smell the sweet fragrance of the sea, and his heart began beating fast.  He took her hand, thrilled and frightened in her presence....
BrowncoatMando Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist
"I am a goddess- time means nothing to the divine. "
The rain stopped, hanging in the air. "There. it is done."
She slid off the rock, splashing into the water. 
"Come with me." She said and held out her hand.
lordhadrian Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
He took her hand and without fear joined her in the water.  They dived down deep and he was able to see a whole new level of beauty in the sea, the eauty of the creatures, of mysterious sunken ships and gorgeous coral.  He did not even notic he was breathing underwater.  They twirled in a dance near a school of fish and an old Octopus......

"You are even more beautiful in the depths!  You are an angel from a Blue Heaven....." he marveled
BrowncoatMando Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Hobbyist
"angel?" she asked him "what is this creature?"
She led him past an undersea mountain range that dwarfed them both, a forest of seaweed that parted to reveal creatures he could not dream of.
"None have seen these wonders but the men I have chosen to keep me company."
She led him down a long canyon, at the end lay a palace of white coral.
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